Personality Quiz

11. Describe your driving style.

a. You hate driving! .
b. Law-abiding.
c. Mellow
d. Bordering on reckless.

12. The book that describes your worst nightmare is…

a. 101 Dalmatians
b. Public Speaking Made Easy
c. How I Survived A Year In A Desert Island
d. The Zen Guide To A Quiet Life

13. It would really be out of character for you to…

a. compromise on what you really want.
b. put your own needs above those of others.
c. let down someone you love.
d. be passive about your beliefs.

14. In your family you are known as…

a. the center of attention.
b. the second mom. .
c. the funny one.
d. the one who gets in trouble

15. Your boyfriend asks what you want for Christmas. You say…

a. “Name it! I want it!”
b. “It’s the thought that counts, honey…”
c. “A new cell phone with a larger memory for my directory.”
d. “Cash!”


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